100 stores is a special milestone.

To mark the occasion, we’ve a unique event planned.

Join us, in store, on May 28th and 29th.


Getting to the big one-double-zero has been an exciting journey almost 20 years in the making. A feat only possible thanks to the superhuman efforts of our small but dedicated team and the enthusiasm and passion of the Warhammer community in the US and Canada.

Come with us as we take a brief look back at our history and reveal how we created an exclusive miniature to complement the celebrations.


Our First Store

It was way back in 1996 that Games Workshop set sail from Nottingham, England to North America. Back then, Citadel miniatures were made of metal, and dice had way, way too many sides. After a brief quest of exploration, we opened our first store in White Oaks Mall, Canada. Games Workshop Geneva Commons followed soon after in the US. 


Despite the trials of time and the machinations of the Chaos Gods, both these stores are still in their original locations – eternal bastions of Warhammer.

More stores…

After that, there was no stopping the spread of Warhammer. From coast to coast mighty champions answered the call to arms and took up the mantle as Games Workshop store managers.


In time, mighty battle-bunkers were erected – huge stores with enough gaming space to hold large events and the sprawling, awe-inspiring collections of Citadel miniatures that have become the hallmark of North American Warhammer hobbyists.

Laying the Foundations

With dozens of stores and thousands of hobbyists to support, it wasn’t long before the transatlantic shipping lanes were clogged with vessels bearing Citadel miniatures. In the darkest corners of the Mortal Realms it is whispered that some of these ships never completed their journey. Some say that if you dive deep enough into the dark of the deep, you’ll find the largest haul of High Elf Spearmen man has ever seen…

In summer of 2002, work began on our headquarters in Memphis. Today, every Warhammer and Games Workshop store in North America is supplied from here.


A Memento of the day

We wanted to make sure that anyone joining us for the celebration could take home a keepsake, something to remember the day by.

We knew that to mark such a momentous event, it would have to be something iconic.


In designing the pin badge, we drew from the most recognisable Warhammer 40,000 imagery. An Iron Halo, the symbol of a commander of 100 Space Marines (appropriately), and the Imperial Eagle, perhaps the most recognisable icon in Warhammer 40,000.
As well as being the logo of the 100 stores, anyone joining us for the celebration on the 28th of May will be able to get this icon as a pin badge.

A Classic Reimagined

With there being 100 Space Marines in a Company, there was no question what sort of limited-edition miniature we needed to mark our 100th store. For such a historic occasion, we knew we wanted to draw inspiration from the miniatures of the past, a Space Marine that like our stores had stood the test of time and become an enduring classic. After poring over the archives, the design team unanimously settled on Jes Goodwin’s classic Space Marine Captain.

Citadel Miniature designer Mike Fores was the man tasked with reimagining Jes Goodwin’s original sculpt. To bring the model up to date, Mike added panel lines to the armour and a loin cloth – both features of more modern Space Marine characters. Finally, Mike gave Centos his own personal heraldry, adding, among other detailing, a stylised ‘C’ for ‘century’ or ‘100’ to the back of the power fist and cloak. 

The Rules

For everyone who wants to paint Captain Centos and pop him on a shelf or into a cabinet, we know someone else will want to have him lead their army on the tabletop. To make that possible, we’ve created a set of bespoke rules to let you use the venerable Captain in your battles, and packaged them up with the miniature.


Of course, you should feel free to use Centos as a standard Captain in any Space Marine army. After all, boltguns and powerfists are iconic Space Marine armaments.



Your Local Store

Captain Centos and the exclusive pin badge are unique to our North American stores. They are for you, the loyal Warhammer fans who have supported us from our first store in ’96 through to today.

So please, come join us on the 28th and 29th of May and help celebrate this momentous occasion.